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Our Toaster Was A Major Fire Hazard

You might be in the market for a new toaster, even if you clean your toaster.

The other day Nick, my daughter Tanya and I were in different parts of the house when I heard the words: “Mom, hurry, there’s a fire in the kitchen!” Nick and I arrived in the kitchen at the same time to see flames shooting out of the toaster. The plug was between the toaster and the wall so it wasn’t just a matter of pulling out the plug.

After shutting off the power at the breaker box, we let the flames subside and proceeded to throw the toaster out in the front yard to prevent more smoke from filling the house.

Here is a picture of most homes #1 fire hazard! A Toaster…

Fire hazard #1 Toasters

I can’t exactly say how old this piece of kitchenware is, but I would say less then  three years old.

No debris was found clogging it up and it was regular pieces of toasting bread that we’re being toasted at the time of this incident. I clean the toaster every so often by shaking it upside down over the sink. We went into a lengthy discussion about leaving the toaster unattended while toasting, which went on for the next 30 minutes or more. Still… nothing was really resolved from it.

It just goes to show that you never can tell when something bad might happen.

On to something bigger and better, i.e. A New Toaster.

We didn’t want history repeating itself so we looked for a toaster that was a little more upscale and easier to clean.

Black Bagel Toaster

Enter the Black & Decker TR1256B 850 Watt 2 slice toaster with bagel function and removable crumb tray.

That’s right. A removable crumb tray so you have no excuse to let things begin to collect in the bottom. Economically priced and extra wide slots allow for everything from regular bread to Texas toast to be toasted. We’ve had this toaster for over a month now and we have no complaints.

Get The Toaster

Are your appliances old and outdated enough to become a fire hazard? It might be time to invest in newer equipment. You’ll be getting a more energy efficient appliance and peace of mind.

How often do you clean your toaster? Leave us a comment.

2017 Update: We still have the Black & Decker toaster and use it on a regular basis. It toasts bagels and bread equally well and we haven’t had any issues with it. The removable crumb tray is great, making clean up so much easier. This was a really good buy for under $20.

16 Responses to Our Toaster Was A Major Fire Hazard

  • Hi There Admin,
    This question may be a little off-topic, I reside in an apartment making that has a shared cooking area location. Simply because I got here in August 2008, there has been a toaster oven on the counter. It seems to be rather protected, there is plenty of space beside it and over it.

    Even once operation for 10 minutes or more time, the outside is harmless to touch, just warm.

    Now, there is perhaps heading to be a veteran transferring into the making, and so a veterans organization did an inspection of the making. They said the toaster oven was a fireplace hazard, and had to go.

    So my establishing supervisor threw it out. This aggravates me dramatically, because I chosen it typically, and so did the most people right here.

    If this equipment is this sort of a important hearth risk, how arrive it is legitimate and offered in merchants and doesn’t have substantial warnings on it?

    I will not even see how it could trigger a hearth. Do people today suppose this considering of mature styles that acquired way as well sizzling or had faulty elements? It feels like bullshit to me.

    • It seems like the building super wanted to keep the area safe. I’m even going to go out on a limb and say that they were ‘just doing their job’. It’s too bad it had to be brought to their attention via an outside inspector.

  • thanks for share!

  • Update: We are still using our Black & Decker toaster almost daily and it still looks like its brand new. Bagels come out perfect!

  • I have that same toaster and love it. The wide slots are perfect for bagels, they come out perfectly golden brown every time.

    • Hi Bev, yes they sure do. Nick loves the ‘everything’ bagels but they get so messy, leaving seeds all over the counter. Having the ability to empty the crumb tray easily is a huge plus for me.


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