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Learn How To Make A Bottle Lamp

Over the past several years Nick has established himself as the ‘Bottle Lamp Maker’.

He has been teaching lamp making and glass drilling/cutting to his fellow crafters via our YouTube video channel. We also have a DIY blog where Nick provides tips, answers questions, reviews tools and shares inspirations to thousands of visitors every week.

If you are interested in how to make a lamp from a recycled glass bottle, check out this step by step instructional video:

Did you know you can make a lamp out of practically any glass container?

You don’t have to throw your used wine, beer, water or liquor bottlesreuse them instead.

Bottle lamps are a fun and interesting way to decorate your home. You can use different fillers, unique lamp shades, string lights, rope or wood to mix and match textures, tones, materials to create the perfect bottle lamp. Just be creative and you will find the right design for your home. A hand made bottle lamp can emphasize your decor and fill a favorite part of your home with cozy warm light.

Here is what you need to make your own bottle lamp:

  • Empty Glass Container – a wine bottle, large beer bottle, liquor bottle, mason jar or water jug all work well
  • Glass Drill Bit – try this inexpensive drill bit set from Vermont American
  • Lamp Shade & Light Bulb – you can reuse an old shade and bulb or purchase new
  • Bottle Filler – optional but this adds weight to your lamp and hides the cord
  • Bottle Lamp Kit – Nick’s go to lamp kit is from Westinghouse Lighting
  • Drill or Drill Press – a corded drill works fine but using a drill press will save a lot of time
  • Screwdriver – you need a Phillips screwdriver to attach the lamp kit
  • Grommet – a small rubber grommet will secure the cord and hide the hole

How to make a bottle lamp

It’s easier than you think to turn any recycled glass bottle into a work of art!

Did you know? The Bottle-Lamp website has a “DIY Show Off” page! You can now submit your own bottle craft to the site. Let us know what you think of the video.

Be sure to visit the Bottle Lamp Making Website for additional resources and share your bottle project with other bottle crafting enthusiasts. You just might inspire someone else.

Happy lamp making and good luck with your next craft project. – Silke


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