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Laying Stepping Stones For A Walkway

Tips for laying a DIY stepping stone walkway.

Silke has been asking since the day we bought our house why there was no sidewalk leading to the front door. This is the side of the house that our address is on and where our mail box is located. When you pull up, all you see is the door with a small wooden stoop and lawn between you and the city sidewalk.

We needed some curb appeal! A quick trip to the local brick and stone store and we had a Saturday afternoon project all lined up in no time.

How to lay a walkway article in This Old House magazine

The article in ‘This Old House’ magazine

The confidence to begin the task had come from an older issue of ‘This Old House’ magazine that we subscribe to. Step by step instructions and colorful pictures lead to the now infamous phrase, ‘We can do that!’.

On the morning of the project we counted out for 11 stepping stones. We would need two 70 lbs. bags of sand for leveling and to keep the weeds at bay.

Step By Step Photos and DIY Stepping Stone Walkway Tips:

Step by step how to lay a walk way

The first thing we did was lay out the stones the way we wanted them, to make an eye-appealing walkway to our front door.

No two stones are alike and this wasn’t a straight shot to the street. A small curve was needed to get around a very large tree, as well as steps for an incline. With the stones in place we were now ready to begin marking them out. Using a hedging tool, I simply went around each stone to make a cut-out in the lawn so we could begin digging.

Removing a layer of sod from under each stone, the project was beginning to take shape and we were ready to start placing our new steps.

There is a small incline from the sidewalk towards the house that than levels off into our yard. Using some bricks that we had left over from another project, we were able to raise the first two stones to actually make them steps.

On the first step we added six bricks vertically to give it the needed height. On the second step we added four bricks horizontally. We filled in any gaps with dirt and added a layer of sand. After placing the stepping stone the way we wanted it, we used more dirt to fill in and secure the stone.

The rest of the walkway would be nine stepping stones leading to a small deck. Digging a little deeper than necessary to allow for leveling and layering in some sand, the walkway quickly came together.

Each rock was tested to make sure it didn’t wobble when you walked on it. Lars and I jumped up and down on each stone a few times to get them firmly settled. With each stepping stone now in place we began to fill in around the edges with dirt. This final process secured each rock and gave the illusion that the walkway had always been there.

Laying the granite stepping stones and creating a DIY walkway was far easier and less time consuming than we expected.

Now our home has great curb appeal and the mailman is happy as well!

How do you like our DIY stepping stone walkway? Do you have a DIY project that you would like to share? Leave us a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

6 Responses to Laying Stepping Stones For A Walkway

  • Nice job!

  • Thank you. We couldn’t have done it without your great selection of stepping stones! ; )

  • You like to extend your lawn and give it a natural look then placing stone walkway is best….

  • Magnificent goods from you, man. I have understand your stuff previous to and you are just extremely wonderful.

  • I\’ve recently been thinking about installing a new walkway up to my home because currently we just have a dead piece of grass that people have just been walking on. I liked that you had mentioned the importance of laying out the stones on the grass first to make sure that they fit correctly in the area and can add curb appeal. Knowing that I don\’t really have the best eye for design or the time to make sure the pathway is done correctly, I might just have to look for a professional to handle an install.

    • Hi Roger, Thank you for your nice comment. Laying stepping stones is not the easiest DIY project since the stones are heavy and it’s a permanent solution so you want it to look appealing in the end. Hiring a professional for this type of job is a good idea unless you have the strength and know-how to do it yourself.


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