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Jagerfoods – The Videos!

A fun collection of Jagerfoods videos that are great for sharing.

Silke is always coming up with new ideas for shooting different videos. From a chicken coop in central Minnesota to the Farmers Market on Pike Street in Seattle, DIY bottle lights and a moon lit night are just some of the many videos we’ve gathered.

Grab your popcorn, favorite drink, sit back and enjoy!

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Jagerfoods videos

The sounds of Seattle Video

This one we shot while on vacation in Seattle. It’s neat while the guy is singing about bringing his girlfriend flowers a guy walks into the picture carrying them. This was not planned.

Fresh eggs from the farm

Dad and Mom always send us home with fresh eggs. Yes, we’re spoiled. It looks like I just got out of bed.

Testimonial for bottles with light by Sue

A shameless plug for the lighted bottles we sell on our website.

A night on Elm Street

Silke shot this from the deck in our back yard. With a little video editing we actually had fun with it. We dropped the word nightmare from the title.

How to make bottle lights

When Silke suggested we make a clip of the bottle light process I really didn’t give it much of a thought. Who knew it would be so successful? In four months its set to have 10K hits! It also spawned the creation of an e-book.

There are many more Jagerfoods videos for you to watch and share:

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Nick and Silke

5 Responses to Jagerfoods – The Videos!

  • I’m not critiquing you guys on how these videos are put together but I would definitely work on your lighting. Great content and lots of fun. I’ve enjoyed them.

  • i always like your posts because you have such a good way of expressing yourself, and this is a virtue in these days.

  • These aren’t even your best videos! Always enjoy watching, plus I’ve subscribed to your channel.


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