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Jackass Golf Tournament

What to do on a cold, rainy and windy day in Minnesota? You win the 9th Annual Jackass Golf Tournament!

We (Nick, Silke, Mark and Ryan)  started out with breakfast and cocktails at the ‘The Boot’ in Forada, MN and then played 2 rounds of 9 holes at the Hardwoods Hill Golf Course in Alexandria, MN.

The Jackass Golf Tournment started at 10 am and was an absolute blast!

The winners of the 2011 Jackass Golf Tournament are:

Mark Kluver, Nick Jager, Ryan (can’t remember his last name) and Silke Jager.

Does this sound like your idea of fun? Leave us a comment below. 

2 Responses to Jackass Golf Tournament

  • Wow, you guys look like you had a fun time. Who’s the ringer on your team? Do you ever come to the cities to play?

    • Silke was the ringer. We had the advantage of having the only team with a girl on it. This proved useful of the harder fairways. Everyone had their ‘moment’, so it was a group effort. Lots of fun was had by all. We usually stay around the central part of the state. Where are you referring to?



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