Another price increase from the US Postal Service.

The US Postal Service might not survive its rapid decline of the past few years. The ability for established systems to survive and remain relevant in a technologically changing world seems to be a great challenge. So, is the US Postal Service Doomed To Fail?

One of the biggest industry changes I have witnessed is in the printing industry.  T

The ‘prep department’ of 20 years ago looks nothing like the one you’ll find today. This is making my education in the field obsolete and antiquated. This would hardly be an issue if I had remained in the profession, but life took me elsewhere. Sometimes change is good!

Why can’t the US postal service make some internal changes like other industries.

We can all relate to the United States Postal Service, yet everyone seems oblivious to its rapid decline. The constant talk of shortening the delivery days, raising rates and closing offices hardly registers with anyone anymore. How can we so readily dismiss a service that is provided to us six days a week? Public perception is everything!

United States Postal Service - Is it doomed to fail?

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I was in our local US post office last week to pick up a package. It became quickly evident that something was amiss. As I made it past the entry way and into the service area the doors behind me were immediately locked. An employee stood by the door to let the customers out after they finished their business.

He politely smiled and explained that if they didn’t lock the doors, people would just keep coming in and they would never get to leave. Everyone politely smiled back and this even drew a few courtesy laughs.

I’m guilty of smiling right along with my fellow customers.  It was one of those moments that you weren’t quite sure how to act or why this was really that amusing. Was it because we had made it in and all those other poor schmucks were outside and would have to come back tomorrow or was it just nervousness? I may have been smiling on the outside, but inside I was screaming foul.

The US Postal Service turns away business.

This seems crazy to me. The big box stores get it. They bring on extra help and extend their hours to accommodate for it. 1/3 of their yearly sales rely heavily on the months surrounding Christmas. If these businesses can figure this out why can’t the Postal Service?

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That maybe why the US Postal service is doomed.

The Postal service isn’t run like a business. Its run like an government office and has different views of how things should operate. E-mail may have taken away letters but packages will always remain a hands on service.

A business owner would see that there were customers being turned away and quickly surmise that he couldn’t really afford to have people work overtime. A second shift would allow the day shift employees to leave on time and still keep the customers coming in. This may seem simplified but then why isn’t it getting done?

Will the US Postal service survive another price increase? Let us know what you think and leave us a comment below.

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  1. Thanks for the comment Sven. What’s your take on our postal service? Do you get mad about the constant price hikes or doesn’t a penny here and there matter?

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