Many will surely agree that throwing a party to celebrate summer will always be the best and most fun way.

Whether you have it in the backyard or in a hotel garden or even by the beach, a guaranteed fun and enjoyable time is waiting for everyone because of the presence of each other plus the fun memories to be made.

But before thinking of having a blast, here are some tips you need to check out for a guaranteed exciting and fun summer party for all.

1. Theme

First things first. What will be the theme of your summer party? Would you like to have a Hawaiian-style party complete with hula dancing and music? Or a Vintage-themed gathering with people wearing summer dresses from the late 60s? How about a beach party where your attendees will don their favorite bikinis? It’s all up to you and the people you will collaborate with!

Make sure to give out invitations or inform your attendees at hand about the theme so they can also prepare their outfit. To encourage participation, you can also announce a “Best Dressed” competition!

2. Venue

This one is crucial. Will it be set by the beach or in a garden? Consider if your place has been experiencing erratic weather and think of a back-up venue. Also be sure that the number of attendees will fit in your party venue. Do not forget the music too!

Having fun at a summer party

After this, think of the decorations you will put in the venue, and be sure that it is in line with your summer party theme. You may opt to have DIY projects with your friends for the designs or go to thrift shops to score funky finds.

3. Activities

A party will not be as fun and exciting if there will be no activities for goers to enjoy. Research possible ideas for fun games and raffle prizes for your attendees. Setting up booths and other activities to check on like a photo wall, face painting, workshops, etc. will surely add fun to the day. You can also invite performers who can entertain the guests or if you are on a budget, you can prepare dance numbers with your friends.

Aside from that, list down the possible souvenirs like a goodie bag, wine, or a shirt.

4. Food

And of course, a party will not be a party without food! For a great summer bash, we definitely recommend choosing food that will suit the taste of your attendees. For a beach party, you can try having a Hawaiian luau-themed menu that consists of shrimp skewers, pork and pineapple buns, onion dip, Papaya and Avocado Salads with Hawaiian Vanilla Vinaigrette, tasty sliders, and Hawaiian cocktail franks.

Mexican food for your next summer party

For Mexican dishes, which are also a popular option for summer parties, Fonda Mexican can be a good idea. It is best known for serving antojitos like charred corn, tortilla crisp, and chipotle chips. Quesadillas, burritos, and ensaladas also promise a wide variant of Mexican food your party goers can choose from.

Do be sure to be careful in planning for your summer party and do not hesitate to ask your friends for help.

With the presence of families and friends, you are in for a day of delight and merrymaking if it is coupled with the right planning and execution. Have fun and enjoy!

What’s your favorite summer party theme? Leave us a comment below. 

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