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Happy Boxing Day

Boxing Day is a Holiday celebrated in several different countries.

What is Boxing Day? Let’s start with a little history lesson… Boxing Day is usually celebrated the day following Christmas which is December 26th. If Christmas falls on a weekend then the Holiday falls on Monday.

The name itself, Boxing Day, derives from the act of opening Christmas boxes that contained items for the poor. The Christmas box was traditionally made of wood or clay and usually placed within a church so the parishioners could leave gifts for the poor. The box was opened the day after Christmas hence the name ‘Boxing Day’.

The history of Boxing day

Workers who were required to work on Christmas were given Boxing Day off to allow them to celebrate the Holiday season and spend time with their families. Sometimes they were also given a box of food from their employer or master.

The role of these boxes and how they’re seen today become evident with the presence of the Salvation Army canisters and food drives that take place this time of year. People may have unknowingly participated in Boxing Day and really not given it much thought!

Buy Boxing Day Greeting Cards

Boxing Day is a Holiday in Canada on December 26th for different reasons. It gives the Canadian people the chance to take part in the post-Christmas sales or watch their beloved ice hockey games.

Boxing Day has been a national Holiday in England, Wales, Ireland and Canada since 1871.

The traditional three day Holiday in these counties includes: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day.

Well, there you have it. How about sending your friends and family a Boxing Day greeting card next year?

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  • Heck, I always thought that Boxing Day had something to do with the countries love of boxing, as in the sport. Come to think of it, they love hockey not boxing in Canada so that doesn’t even make sense. Thanks for shedding some light on this Nick.

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