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Garten Is Garden

Silke and I have started a DIY container garden project on our back deck.

FYI – The German spelling for ‘Garden’ is ‘Garten’.

Our container garden is sitting on a garden planter and was motivated by a magazine article I saw in an issue of ‘Home and Garden’. It seemed simple to get started and it was!

We don’t have a garden spot in the yard, as a matter of fact there are pine trees in our back yard that would kill anything under them, so this raised DIY container garden seemed like the way to go.

DIY container garden

DIY Spring Container Garden

Our containers contain the following produce: Lettuce, Peppers, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Peas, Squash, a wagon of herbs, and a mixed assortment of flowers.

It’s only May and we have the seeds sprouting already!

As long as the weather  cooperates we should be set for a decent crop. We’ll update this blog as the summer goes by.

Do you have a container garden story to share? We would love to hear it and could use some pointers from a more seasoned gardener.

Happy Gardening,


June Addition: A Few New Garden Photos

Sun Flower Garden Ornament

Sun Flower Garden Ornament

Little Red Wagon Herb Garden

Little Red Wagon DIY Herb Garden

Blue Bird Garden Ornament

Blue Bird Garden Ornament

Rooster Garden Ornament

Rooster Garden Ornament

Updated garden picture on July 3rd.

Here is an update for our DIY Garden Project. All of the plants are looking very healthy and they are starting to bud. We can even see the first little tomatoes.

Silke's Garden in July

Silke’s Garten in July

Do you have a container garden? Leave us your tips and suggestions below. 

4 Responses to Garten Is Garden

  • In the spirit of ‘you get what you pay for’, we learned the hard way about inexpensive soil versus top grade. If you don’t want your plants to drown in their containers then I highly recommend the high end soil. The soil can maintain the water levels better even if your potted plants are in self watering containers.

  • I have an updated picture of the garden from July 3, 2011. We’ve harvested the lettuce and replanted radishes in the pot. Some of the tomatoes look like they’re drowning and others seem to have reached a happy medium. We’ll keep this updated.

  • Check out this link:
    Narrowing down the climate for the Central region makes this one a little more relevant to our region.

  • Your question from’s “Ask an Expert” feature has just been answered. Thanks for visiting, and stop by again soon! is provided as a service to consumers by members of the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association (MNLA).

    Date Asked:8/6/2011
    Category:Fruits & Vegetables
    Name:Nicholas Jager
    State of Residence:Minnesota
    Question:We planted a garden this year on our deck in pots. The tomatoes didn’t pan out like we planned and I thought it was something we did wrong. Was this just a bad year for tomatoes?

    Answered by:Barbara Whipple
    Answered Date:8/6/2011
    Answer:Hi Nicholas, Growing tomatoes in pots can be challenging. You need big pots, at least 12 inches in diameter and the same amount deep. Always use fresh potting soil. Ask your garden center for suggestions on the best container varieties they have. Plan to stake up the plants, removing the lowest four to six branches once the plant has grown larger, and to mulch with any natural mulch such as wood chips. Also plan to water often because pots dry out quickly, especially in hot weather, and tomatoes are water guzzlers. Fertilize with a product recommended by your garden center, following the directions on the fertilizer. Most people have the best results with cherry tomatoes. The most difficult ones to grow in pots are big ones like beefeaters. But like everything else, you get better at gardening with practice so don’t let a first disappointment stop you from trying again next season. There’s nothing better than a tomato you grew yourself!


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