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Cyber Monday Mania!

Nick has a commercial idea for Cyber Monday Mania.

After last years Black Friday Insanity, Silke and I have decided to take a different approach to Christmas shopping this year. This time we want to experience the whole event through the comfort of our own home.

I think it’s funny that Amazon and E-bay haven’t advertised on prime time television for this event. Not only have I given the thought of them advertising, but I’ve also come up with a commercial idea for them. What’s that you say? You want to hear it? Well, if you insist!

Cyber Monday shopping mania

Cyber Monday Mania

It goes something like this:

  1. The scene of an early morning department store parking lot full of people sitting in their cars waiting for the store to open. The doors open and everyone makes a mad dash to get in. A voice over says the line: “This could be you.”
  2. The following scene is of people getting shoved around while just trying to get into the store. The voice comes back with: “This could be you.”
  3. The next scene is a long line of people waiting to get a hold of a Panasonic television. The line is long but the quantity is limited. Heads crane out to check to see if they’re still handing them out or if the pile is running out. The voice over repeats: “This could be you.”
  4. A long line at the check out counter that wraps around all the way to the back of the store. The camera is panning the whole line. Each person has a cart that is full and an expression that screams boredom. The camera stops on the last person in the line and the voice over comes back: “This could be you.”
  5. Voice over announces: “Or this could be you.” Scene of someone in a robe with a cup of coffee in hand and leisurely sitting down behind the computer. Voice over: “No lines, no worries, unlimited quantities, plus free shipping. Why bother with anything else?”

This whole shopping frenzy can be wrapped up any way you like, but you get the picture. Maybe the on-line stores don’t need to advertise this.

What is it then that drives us to these early morning shopping sprees?

Race to the store in the middle of the night. I almost get a sense of ‘The Amazing Race’ taking place at these types of events. Whatever the appeal might be I’m not sure if I’m seeing it.

What lures you to the stores at 3 a.m. on Black Friday? Are the deals really that good?

Happy Holiday Season,

Nick and Silke Jager

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