Learning to drive and buying a car are both high costs, but what about what comes after?

As a frequent driver, you have a lot to pay for, including maintenance, gas, and car insurance. There might even be some months that leave you out of pocket because of a parking ticket or a breakdown that requires a costly trip to the repair shop. Read on to get tips on how to keep your car costs down.  

Understandably, drivers are always on the lookout

for cheaper options when it comes to running their car.

Unfortunately, even just a few simple changes can have an enormous impact on your monthly car budget. So, if you want to save money, here are six ways to keep your car costs down. 

1: Do Repairs Yourself

There will be times that you must visit the mechanic, but you’d be surprised at how many repairs you can do from home once you understand how. Necessary car maintenance tasks like oil changing, tire maintenance, and changing the brake pads can be done without paying your mechanic a hefty price – just make sure you know what you are doing first! You will also need the correct parts for your vehicle, so use an auto parts delivery for when you are fixing your car up yourself

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2: Keep up with maintenance

Keeping up with maintenance might cost a little more when you take the car to the mechanic, but it’ll prevent expensive repairs that might happen if you don’t maintain it. Including visiting the mechanic regularly, you should also perform regular checks yourself, such as checking the tire pressure and the break lights. 

3: Look for Cheaper Gas

Gas is one of the highest costs for drivers, so it makes sense that you shop around for the cheapest. If you can, avoid using premium gas, and stick to regular grade. You can also download apps that search for the cheaper gas prices near you, so you don’t have to do the work of searching. 

4: Do a Defensive Driving Course

Insurance costs plummet when you are a safe driver. There are a few things that show car insurance companies that you are safe, like completing a defensive driving course. It might cost you some time and money initially, but you will benefit from increased road knowledge and lower rates on your car insurance. Plus, you will be able to get 2-4 points removed from your drivers license report. This will also lower your car insurance and save you money. 

5: Don’t Drive for Everything

Do you need to drive to the store that’s a five-minute walk away? If you truly want to cut down on your car costs, then limit the amount you get behind the wheel. Of course, driving to and from work and to your friends two states over might be necessary, but when you are traveling close to home, consider a cheaper mode of transportation. Not only will this save you money on gas, but your car will last longer by doing this, too. 

6: Prioritize Safe Driving

The best way to cut down on car costs is by being a safe driver. Over the years of driving safe on the roads, your insurance rates will plummet, your car will stay well maintained, and you will have avoided otherwise expensive accidents. So, every time you get behind the wheel, be sure your priority is keeping yourself and other drivers safe.

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