Students, for a long time have been faced with a great challenge of finding a residence that best suits their needs.

It is cumbersome to attain good accommodations especially if you are new to the city. A new student from another city miles away from home needs to find a residence that will be a home away from home. Many universities and college have learned of this and have introduced school residences for the students which have in turn eased the burden on new students. Nowadays students can book a room from the comfort of their home after a good research on the residence available and also from recommendations made by the institution. However, before you settle on a decision that could be your worst regret, here are some of the things to consider when finding the perfect residence:

Things to Consider When Finding a Student Residence

  • The location of the residence from the city and from the school. It would be of great benefit for a student who doesn’t have to budget for daily bus fare to the school. The extra fee could be avoided by finding accommodation near the school and the city. The city has convenient access to public utilities such as hospitals, a police post and a place of worship such as a church.


  • Student’s safety and the security of the residence. Before deciding on a place to stay, remember to do a background check on the security issues of your soon to be home and neighborhood. You could even carry out a reconnaissance and get to judge on your own. Look out for the street lights, nearness to the nearby coffee shop or maybe ask the locals of how they feel about their safety.


  • The attending staff. Check out the services offered, are the staff hospitable or are they hostile? For a place to be your home, you need to get along with all those who will be around you for the entire time you will be around there. It is therefore advisable to choose an accommodation with the best attending staff that surely gets and meets the needs of the student.


  • Access to basic utilities. In choosing a student residence, a student would be drawn to an accommodation with internet access and plenty of water. The Internet is basically the student’s help and guidance throughout the school life. In writing down and submitting reports and assignments, projects and research work a student needs full-time access to the unlimited internet. Water is life and a residence with low or no water supply could be a problem to the student.


  • Your planned budget. In finding an accommodation, care must be taken not to exceed your planned budget as the extra cost can be a problem if it is unaccounted for. It is for this reason that you should consider planning a budget first then look for a residence that is within your financial strength and ability. Although, stretching your budget a bit more for a perfect deserving residence could be a wise thing to do too.


Finding a residence of your dream has been made easy with the above guidelines. Remember that the early bird catches the worm and therefore I would advise starting your search as soon as you confirm your admission to the institution. Delay will be your disadvantage as the best residence fill up first leaving you to choose from the undesired ones.

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