Fun things to do with your dad, grandpa, husband, brother or male friend on Father’s Day.

If you are still looking for some awesome Father’s Day ideas, here are some creative and money saving suggestions. Celebrating the special guy in your life can be a ton of fun without having to break the bank. Forget about the latest overpriced electronic gadgets that he will never use and instead focus on what is important in your life. Your guy!

Father’s Day honors all fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers, and father figures for their contribution. Did you know Father’s Day was created to complement Mother’s Day in 1910. It was officially signed into law by President Nixon in 1972. Read on to find ways to make this year the best Father’s Day yet.

We Love Dad Dessert In A Mug

10 awesome Fathers Day ideas for a day your favorite dad will adore.

  • Plan a fun outdoor activity with dad, such as a pizza party in the backyard, a beer tasting at a beer garden, or scavenger hunt.
  • Take a family portrait with all the male members of the family and frame it for dad.
  • Fire up the backyard grill and cook some of his favorite meats, like ribs or burgers.
  • Go on a virtual tour of a famous museum, like the Guggenheim or the British Museum.
  • Cook something adventurous, like bison burgers, crickets or grilled octopus tentacles.
  • Race each other in go-karts or challenge him to an epic paintball battle (look for coupons).
  • Make him breakfast in bed or spoil him with fondue for dinner.
  • Help him get organized in the garage, shed or basement (get him pegboards for his tools) and make a game out of it.
  • Make a crafty DIY card, like a pop-up card, or his favorite dessert topped with “#1 Dad” written in frosting.

I hope these ideas will help you make Father’s Day extra special for your favorite guy. 😊

If you need more inspiration, you can check out this website: 50 Fun Things to Do on Father’s Day 2023

Summers are a busy time, and not everyone can get together on the same day. Privately message Dad’s family, friends, and loved ones, and surprise him with a Zoom meeting or FaceTime call to make him feel extra-loved.

Be sure to leave us a comment with your own money-saving, crafty ideas for Father’s Day! 

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