Do you love weekend projects as much as we do?

We love DIY projects and thought it would be fun to celebrate the One Year Anniversary of living in our home by finally redoing our bedroom. We were both sick of our cake yellow room bedroom, painted ceiling to floor in the same color. Thanks to our DIY bedroom makeover we now sleep blissfully in a three tone bedroom that is now a very natural looking and relaxing room.

How to give your bedroom a makeover? 

A weekend DIY makeover is easier than you might think. The first step is to decide on the overall theme or style of your bedroom. Do you like it cozy & light or do you prefer darker colors for a good nights sleep. Choose a paint color, add some accessories and install window treatments. If you want, you can hang wall art to add interest and lay down a rug for a touch of coziness.

The pictures below are from a DIY bedroom makeover we did several years ago, in 2011 to be exact. You can probably tell by the color scheme and furniture. We don’t have any of the furniture or décor any longer, except for the dresser. Check out my Amy Howard One Step Paint Review to see how a little paint can turn a tired looking piece of furniture around and give it many more years of use.

Bedroom Makeover Idea

After much debating Nick and I decided on our color choices: Earthy Green Tones

We painted the ceiling Alabaster white to give it a nice clean look. For the walls we decided to go with Cricket Green paint and added an Alligator Skin dark green sponged accent to the slanted part of the wall.

While we were painting the bedroom, we took off the window frames and discovered that there was no insulation between the sheet rock and windows.

Always be prepared for little surprises while doing a DIY bedroom makeover!

You just never know what you might find or not find, from lack of insulation to loose wires or improper installed ceiling lights. Thank goodness for Great Stuff fixing our leaking windows was a breeze.

Working with the expandable foam is a bit messy but it should do the trick. Just take a sharp knife after spraying the liquid foam and cut away any excess foam. We always felt a draft on cold nights and I’m sure we will notice a big difference next winter (in our heating bill as well).

Two tone green bedroom


To complete our bedroom makeover project we found a green bedroom ensemble.

The colors match perfectly with the walls and pulled the whole room together. (This was the best we could on a very small budget and before next day delivery was available.) Our next DIY project will be to re-cover the head board with new fabric, Silke already picked it out.

Bedroom ensemble from Herbergers


Our DIY Bedroom Makeover Project List:

  • 1 gallon & 1 quart  of Behr Cricket Green paint
  • 1 quart of Behr Aligator Dark Green paint
  • Leftover Alabaster paint for the ceiling from a previous project
  • A 14 in 1 tool for scraping and removing nails
  • 2 cans of Great Stuff
  • A splatter roller
  • 1 regular roller,
  • 1 paint brush
  • 2 rolls of painting tape plus
  • 14 piece bedroom ensemble

We always have tape, rollers and paint brushes on hand and keep our leftover paint stored in a cool place. This way we are always ready to start a new painting project and don’t have to wait to run to the store for paint supplies first.

Learn which home diy projects are better left to the professionals.

What do you think of our newly made over master bedroom? Leave us a comment below.


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