Learn how to make a Diaper Cake for under $30.

Nick’s youngest brother Joe and his wife Erin are expecting their first baby. Yay, it’s going to be a little baby boy! Joe and Erin live in Kansas and try to come back to Minnesota to visit about every two to three months. On their last visit we had a baby shower for the expecting mom to be. Since we jumped the gun and already sent a very nice baby gift, Nick and I decided to create a baby diaper cake as a centerpiece for the party.

What diapers are best for diaper cake?

The best diapers for a diaper cake are either size Newborn or size 1, or a mix of both. You can make the bottom layer a larger size and then use smaller sizes as you build the upper tiers of the diaper cake. Expected parents will go through a lot of diapers the first couple of months and will be happy to have extra diapers on hand.

Scroll down for our step by step Baby Diaper Cake instructions.

how to make a diaper cake

DIY Baby Diaper Cake On A Budget

Instead of showing up empty handed to a baby shower or the birth of a friends child. Why not make a Diaper Cake to use as a center piece?

I was able to make a DIY Diaper Cake for under $30. I’m not going to tell you exactly how much I spent, that’s tacky, but if you have a Dollar Store and Target store nearby where you live, you will have no trouble staying inside your budget.

Baby Diaper Cake For A Boy Or Girl

Items purchased at Target

1 – pack of diapers size 1
1 – pack of assorted sized rubber bands
1 – small bottle of Johnson baby powder or other baby product in a similar shape

Items purchased at a Dollar Store

1 – small bottle of baby lotion
1 – large pop up book (a piece of cardboard or round pizza plate works too)
2 – packages of baby toys
1 – roll of wide blue or pink ribbon
2 – ribbon bows for decoration

Roll all 100 or so diapers, any extra diapers can be given separately or attached to the outside of the diaper bag. Secure each diaper with a rubber band (thank you Nick and Nathan for helping). If you are using different sizes of diapers, adjust the amount of diapers your will need.

The larger the diaper, the taller your diaper cake will get.

rolling diapers for a diaper cake

Nathan rolling baby diapers

Set the baby powder on top of the book and align the rolled diapers around the bottle, secure with a rubber band. Make another row of diapers around the first one and hold in place with another large rubber band.

Cover the outer rubber band on the bottom layer of the baby diaper cake with a wide ribbon in blue or pink and secure the ribbon with glue or a large colorful diaper pin.

baby diaper cake for boys

Secure the diapers with rubber bands

Set the lotion bottle on top of the baby powder and align a row of diapers around the bottle, again secure with a rubber band. Repeat the process until you have achieved the desired height and width of your diaper cake.

Instructions for making a diaper cake

Decorate your diaper cake with small toys, ribbons and bows

Now set the remaining diaper rolls on top of the cake, secure with a rubber band and again cover with the ribbon.

Decorate the outside of your Baby Diaper Cake

Don’t forget to decorate the outside of your baby diaper cake. You can use small toys, stuffed animals, baby socks or bibs. You can also hide small items inside the diaper cake if you choose. You can find a bunch of small, inexpensive baby gifts online.

I purchased 2 yards of white frilly fabric at our local craft store to wrap the baby diaper cake and attached blue and white ribbon bows to the top.

A baby diaper cake is the perfect gift idea for any expecting mom!

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