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Jager Foods the company, was first created in 1985 by Pete & Sue Jager for their Shiitake soup business.

In 2007 Nick & Silke Jager created an online presence for Jager Foods. It has been a Premier Digital Lifestyle Blog dedicated to Travel, Food, Home, Wellness and Lifestyle ever since!

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Avita Pharmacy 1051 [Rating: 3.7]
1216 W Main St # D, Lexington, SC 29072, United States | (803) 358-3030 |

I went to Avita Pharmacy 1051 for my Modafinil pills. They were very friendly, caring, and helpful. I was very nervous as I don’t do needles well, period! They put me at ease and made me feel comforted when receiving the vaccine. Highly recommend!

Worst pharmacy in Roslindale, I asked my doctor to change me to another pharmacy because these people are so rude they hang up on you without even saying bye, and when you go pick up your prescription, they look at you like if they gave it to you for free… I really don’t like them, especially the Hispanic woman and the skinny white guy… they should be allowed to work in customer service.

Propp Drugs [Rating: 4.6]
1529 N Fant St, Anderson, SC 29621, United States | (864) 226-8383 |

I’ve been using Propp Drugs for six months and am routinely amazed at how much I like them. The quality of my Provigil tablets is far beyond what I have gotten from dozens of other pharmacies. One prescription is half the size I used to get, and a second prescription breaks cleanly and doesn’t dissolve before I can swallow it. I complained to my doctor about the pills from other pharmacies, and he just laughed. They also make an extra effort to find coupons and deals for an expensive prescription. They helped my husband make a decision on blood thinners by discussing the alternatives. The staff is always available to help and are friendly and highly competent. This is the best pharmacy I have ever used.

I purchased Modafinil online here this morning. The staff was very efficient and professional, handling both the vaccinations and normal business in a very organized manner. One thing I noticed is that emails from the business may end up in your junk folder: I advise that you check it before driving across town in case there has been a disruption in the supply. (Which is not the fault of the pharmacy)

Carolina Pharmacy Network [Rating: 3.3]
1350 Browning Rd # 100, Columbia, SC 29210, United States | (803) 772-4974 |

Carolina Pharmacy Network staff especially deserves a big thank you. They are saving lives right now and not wasting any shots if people don’t show up for their appointments. Cheers to these hard-working people.

The service is awful!! A friend got the pill packs, and, of course, the pills were mixed up. The lady who helped him argued with him when he picked them up. So they had to be redone. He’s changing pharmacies!

Publix Pharmacy at Lake Crossing [Rating: 4.8]
5441 Platt Springs Rd, Lexington, SC 29073, United States | (803) 756-6000 |

Publix Pharmacy at Lake Crossing and its staff have been a blessing for me. Always have my meds ready for me, even refills. Xpress is my favorite pharmacy outta all the rest.

So awesome that Xpress is sells Provigil for sale, but their layout in the store is super confusing, and the employees very obviously don’t want to help you find your way. The signage for where to sign in and get your covid shot is all over the place, and no one knew where to stand/sit while waiting, and they could definitely improve on this.