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The Evolution Of Dean Koontz’s Icebound

A timeline of how the book Icebound influenced other mediums.

I liked the close confines of this story by Dean Koontz and how the characters were left to deal with situations in a more strict environment.

The arctic night is endless. The fear is numbing. Screams freeze in the throat. Death arrives in shades of white. And cold-blooded murder seems right at home. Conducting a strange and urgent experiment on the Arctic ice field, a team of scientists has planted sixty powerful explosive charges that will detonate at midnight. Before they can withdraw to the safety of their base camp, a shattering tidal wave breaks loose… Read more

Icebound - A novel by Dean Koontz

The book ‘Icebound’ was originally published in 1976 under Koontz’s pseudonym David Axton.

In 1982 John Carpenter released The Thing. A movie about a group of scientists in the Antarctic who are confronted by an alien that is out to kill.

In 1993 the first season of the X-Files aired a show titled ‘Ice’. In this episode a team of arctic drillers suddenly disappear only to show up murdered.

In 1998 a comic book was released titled “Whiteout“. This story follows a U.S. Marshal working in Antarctica, and her investigation of a murder that takes place there. The story moves through many Antarctic stations, as she chases down suspects and finds more murders. Think Outland except on earth. This comic was later turned into a movie in 2009.

Do I feel that there is a pattern of evolution here? Yes, hence the title!

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then I think Dean Koontz can take this one all the way to the top. Can you tell I’m a huge Dean Koontz fan?

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Do you feel otherwise about the evolution of Icebound? Let me know. I’m always open to constructive criticism.

Happy reading,

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