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Nook vs. Kindle

What’s it going to be for this enthusiastic reader a Nook or a Kindle?

Silke and I have been reluctant to move in the realms of digital media. With all the laptops, Ipads, and cell phones that offer many different forms of connecting to social media and digital content, the whole scenario seemed rather over-whelming.

The e-readers have slowly evolved into something all their own. I like devices that are specific in purpose. Straightforward and easy to use. I remember a new computer I bought a few years ago. It came with pre-loaded software. At the time they used this as a selling point. Bundled together it was a $500.00 value! The truth of the matter was that I never even looked at 80% of that stuff. I knew what I wanted when I bought the computer and that is what I used. The computer got recycled, but before it left the house I collected the things off my hard drive that I wanted to keep. That’s when I realized how much the extra stuff was really worth.

Getting back to the e-readers. These devices have made their niche in the market and are now due for some serious consideration.

The Nook: Currently selling for $139 on the Barnes and Noble web site. This is the black and white version with over 2 million titles to choose from.

The Nook from Barnes and Noble

Kindle: Currently selling for $114 on the Amazon website. This also comes in Black and White and has over 950,000 books available.

Amazon Kindle

The biggest thing for myself personally is the availability of content. The Nook may have 2 million titles but some of this material comes in the form of magazines. The Kindle’s 950,000 books is pretty specific. The price comparison of these two devices is close enough to where its really not an issue.

Both these e-reader devices are Wi-Fi capable, imagine pulling books out of thin air versus pulling them off a shelf in your home library.

The break down on these is even more extensive then what I want to cover, i.e. screen resolution, fonts, battery life, etc. If you’re interested in the techs, the perspective web-site links above can fill you in on these details.

The decision has yet to be made. I’m leaning toward the nook myself and I’ll let Silke voice her own opinion on the matter. Whatever we decide it will be equivalent in relevancy as it was when my grandparents bought there first television.

I’m still keeping all my hardcover books either way. They can’t take that away from me!

Do you own or have used a Nook or Kindle? Please leave a comment and let us know that you think.

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