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Jager Foods, the company, originally started out as a Shiitake Mushroom Soup selling business. Here is what our original website looked like back in 2008.

Old JagerFoods website

Old JagerFoods website designed & created by Silke Jager

Jager Foods, the company, was first created in 1985 by Nick’s parents on their farm in Minnesota where they produced delicious Shiitake Soups. At one time they had four ladies and Grandma helping in the soup kitchen.

The business was very good for a while! You could find the four distinct flavors of Jager Foods soups in local grocery stores, as well as specialty stores & gift shops all over the country. Sadly, Shiitake mushrooms grew out of favor in the mid-90’s and sales declined dramatically, forcing them to close the soup kitchen.

Jager Foods Soups

We made and sold 4 different flavors of soups.

In 2006 we created a website for Jager Foods and tried our hands at reviving the family soup business. Instead of making and selling Jager Foods Soup Mixes, we found out very quickly that we were much better suited for writing informative articles and sharing our life and travel experiences.

Today we share easy recipes, write about travel destinations, review products, provide DIY tips and try to entertain our blog visitors and readers as best we can. This food, travel, review and lifestyle blog is also a way for us to share life with our families that are spread across the US and Europe.

Nick & Silke are a happily married couple!

When we first met we realized we had at least 3 things in common. Sounds boring? Browse our article categories or click on the menu tabs above. Intrigued? Please read on…

We love food!

I went to culinary school in Bad Kissingen, Germany, while Nick’s idea of a meal included a bowl, milk, and a box of cereal. With some coaxing and a little encouragement I was able to bring him out of his single bachelor ways and think of cooking as an art form rather than a chore.

Finding recipes that work and are easy to make are big on our list now. I’m always up to the challenge of trying to prepare foods that are off the beaten path. Between the two of us we’ve gathered a variety of different recipes and even made a bunch of fun cooking videos.

For our first date Nick brought a map of Germany and a few months into our relationship we decided to take our first trip together. It was then that we discovered that we were excellent traveling companions.

We love to travel!

Since this first weekend, years ago, we’ve been on many road trips together. Near and far, on roads less traveled and to major cities. We’ve traveled by plane, train, boat, bike, kayak and automobile.

We are now taking it a step further, we have downsized our belongings and are slowly trying to immerse ourselves into a somewhat Nomadic Lifestyle.

Finding new travel destinations and ways to get there are half the fun. We love to day dream, plan and talk about upcoming trips and then write about our travel experiences.

We have absolutely no trouble spending half a day in a wayside coffee shop visiting with locals, discovering unique shops, hiking off the beaten path and of course trying new foods.

Travel tips from Nick and Silke Jager

We’re enjoying a Gondola ride during our Honeymoon.

And last but not least, once we got married we were able to combine an extensive library.

We love to read and drink coffee!

We used to fill numerous large book shelves in several rooms, but are using our Kindle and digital readers more and more now. We still have a bunch of hard cover books from our favorite authors, and utilize book swaps and libraries where we live.

On any given day Nick and I will drink anywhere from 2 – 4 cups of coffee starting in the morning. During the day while writing we usually have at least one cup of coffee and some times we even drink coffee after dinner.

Take a look at some of our book reviews on Jager Foods or visit Silke’s Amazon books page to see what she’s been reading lately.

We hope you will enjoy browsing our website and feel free to contact us, subscribe to our email notifications or leave a comment on the bottom of any of our articles.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Nick and Silke

You can email us at contact [at] jagerfoods [dot] com or visit our contact page.

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The Jager’s, a Husband & wife team, share your enthusiasm for a lifestyle filled with amazing food, travel and fun!

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