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Nick and Silke sightseeing at NASA while house sitting

Nick and Silke Jager

Here are just a few of the testimonials we received from past home owners.

Home owners near Denver, Colorado

We were fortunate to find Silke and Nick to take care of our sensitive rescue cat, Felix!  From our first Skype-get acquainted visit, it was obvious that Silke and Nick were a very trustworthy team, above the fray. They instilled  confidence in us and in their capabilities. They are reliable and a no-nonsense couple with a wonderful humor to boot.

It shows that both have a wealth of experience with animals and are extremely capable and well organized. They will take care of your house and your pets as if it were their own. Rest assured, you’ll come home to happy pets and a clean house. Silke and Nick go out of their way with a service minded attitude and even picked us up from the airport.

Due to a overpowering snowstorm, that even closed down Starbucks, Silke and Nick, had to spend some extra time with us. We were thus able to get to know them even better. We appreciated their company and all the laughs we shared and we look forward to seeing them again soon.

Rita and Russell

Housesitting Felix the wonder cat

Home owners in Whispering Pines, NC

Dear Nick and Silke:

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and provide a letter of reference for your house sitting services. We really appreciated your Services and would recommend you for anyone else seeking a house sitter.

To other homeowners seeking house sitters:

Just weeks before a three week trip out of state we found out that a family friend would no longer be able to stay at our home While we were away. We found Luxury House Sitting and posted a listing for our home. Within an hour we had 7 applicants but chose Nick and Silke because their profile and personal blog provided a more in-depth introduction to them and their experience house sitting. We needed someone to look after our cat and garden.

After talking about the details on the phone we decided they were a good fit. They arrived on time took great care of our cat Snow, kept our garden going and even though we didn’t ask they left our kitchen sparkling clean. (We were running late for the plane and picked up but didn’t have the chance to do a thorough cleaning as I’d hoped).

We received weekly updates by email complete with photos of Snow and the garden. We followed their blog and enjoyed seeing their stories about the local gems they enjoyed during their stay. When We returned they had left a nice note with a bottle of wine to thank us for the opportunity. They are very down to earth, polite, professional and we are very appreciative for their services.

If you are looking for a house sitter that will allow you to be away from home without worry you found them.

Ricky and Sarah Locklear

Snow the Cat

Snow the Cat was a pleasure to care for

Home Owner in Asheville, NC

I have had Nick and Silke house sit for me three different times now. I own a vacation rental attached to my house, and they were amazingly helpful at taking care of the needs of my guests. Nick even did an emergency repair on my hot tub, which saved the day.

They provided airport transportation, including a shopping stop on the way home. They left some dinner and baked excellent cookies. Everything was cleaner on my return then when I departed. They stayed in touch just to the degree that I needed. All of our interactions were professional and friendly.

Even my cat wants them to return next time I take a trip. What else can I say?

Ted Riskin

Nick with the home owners cat

Nick with the home owners cat :)

Resort Owners near Monkey River, Belize

Dear Nick and Silke,

We are very sorry to see you go. You were wonderful as house sitters and care takers at our small fishing resort ‘Steppingstones’ in Belize.

We will talk to Pasqual and will be down before you leave to tie up any loose ends.

With best wishes,
Chris and Sue

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Nick and Silke house sitting in Belize.

Nick and Silke house sitting and care taking in Belize

Who Needs A House Sitter? The Answer May Surprise You.

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We would love to be your next house sitter or caretaker!

Nick and Silke Jager

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