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Wine And Food Pairing Guide

Do you love entertaining in your home? A nice glass of wine can make any meal a special occasion. Most of us are inviting friends and family into our homes for dinner ...

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Ceramic Peeler by Boeker

Are Ceramic Peelers Worth It?

Ceramic Vegetable Peelers have been around for a long time now, since the 1990's or longer. So why are they not a more common kitchen tool I wonder? Over the past ...

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Traxo Makes Going on Trips Easier

One of the most annoying parts of planning trips is having to get all your documents together – passports, hotel bookings, plane tickets, car rental vouchers. Usually, you spend a lot ...

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25 Thanksgiving Day Quotes

Thanksgiving is celebrated only one day in November. It is a time to reflect on the past year! In the United states we will celebrate Thanksgiving Day on November 27th this ...

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Must Visit Travel Destinations for 2015

Top 10 Cities to Visit in 2015

As the end of the year slowly draws near, many of us are planning vacation destinations for next year. Our own travel destinations are going to be a bit restricted for ...

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Our Most Loved Articles:

The Padestal Product Review

best stand for electronics

iPad Stand Review

Do your wrists and hands get sore after holding up your eTablet for a long time? It’s no wonder that eTablet stands like The Padestal have been selling … Read more

A Tranquil Day at the Park

Tranquility at a SC state park

Tranquility at a SC state park

We are very lucky to be living only 25 minutes by car from one of the many beautiful South Carolina Parks. A natural retreat in the Lowcountry … Read more

Leftover Bagel Bread Pudding

Bread Pudding Recipe

Bagel Bread Pudding Recipe

This Bagel Bread Pudding Recipe is so easy and quick to make, it will blow your socks off. The other day we bought a package of cheap, plain bagels that just … Read more



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