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Enjoy Our Lifestyle Blog. We try out all the products we review, have traveled to the places we write about and the easy recipes we feature have been prepared in our own kitchen. Watch one of our fun cooking videos or scroll down to see more.

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How To Preserve Your Carved Pumpkin

How To Carve Pumpkins – Tools, Tips & Tricks

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  • Hurricane Survival T… Hurricane Survival TipsWe had 3 Hurricane warnings since moving to the island of Hawaii six months ago. Being caretakers on an island in the middle of the ocean comes with its own set of rules. One of the biggest is: “Always be prepared for the worst”. That’s why we (the property owners and us) have a large amount of water and non-perishable foods stored away. A beautiful rainbow after Hurricane Lester visited HI. Officially, hurricane season starts in June and ends in November, so if ... Read More

A little background info: Jager Foods, the company, was first created in 1985 by Nick’s parents on their farm in Minnesota where they produced delicious Shiitake Soups. At one time they had four ladies and Grandma helping in the soup kitchen. The business was very good for a while! You could find the four distinct flavors of Jager Foods soups in local grocery stores, as well as specialty stores & gift shops all over the country. Sadly, Shiitake mushrooms grew out of favor in the mid-90’s and sales declined dramatically, forcing them to close the soup kitchen.

In 2006 we created a website and tried our hands at reviving the soup business. Instead of making and selling Jager Foods Soup Mixes, we found out very quickly that we were much better suited for writing articles and sharing our life experiences.

Today we create easy recipes, write about travel destinations, review products, provide DIY tips and try to entertain our blog visitors and readers as best we can. This food, travel, review and lifestyle blog is also a way for us to share life with our families that are spread across the US and Europe.

Thank you for visiting and best wishes to you and yours! Nick and Silke Jager

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…all the products we write about have been thoroughly tested by us. Check out our ‘Two Cents Worth’ and then learn more about the item by reading our full review or simply click the link to visit Amazon to make a purchase.

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