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Change isn’t always fun… but it can turn out fantastic. It can make room for true progress. It can set your life off in a new, improved direction. Follow along as we share our travel, lifestyle & care taking experiences on Our Blog.

We share interesting articles, try out the products we review, travel to the places we write about and our easy recipes have been prepared by us. Scroll down to read our latest blog posts and learn more about the services we offer.

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Learn how probiotic food can help your body

4 Ways That Probiotic Food Can Help Your Body –  Before understanding how probiotic food can help your body, it is important to understand what probiotic food is. In the simplest of terms, probiotic foods are foods that boast of active bacteria microorganisms. The word ¨probiotic¨ is made of two…

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Healthy super foods to eat

5 Top Healthy Super Foods To Eat This Summer – Eating healthy can enhance your life and make you feel better. So often, people will reach for junk or processed foods because they are easy to obtain and are inexpensive. Many believe that eating healthy costs more money and is…

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Simple fish recipes by food expert Monica Henin

Quick And Simple Fish Recipes For Seafood Lovers – Seafood is not just delicious, but extremely healthy as well. If you are a meat lover, then you would know that out of all the non-vegetarian delicacies, seafood has the least amount of fat. When it comes to other nutrients…

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Bavarian Alps in Southern Germany

Discovering The Bavarian Alps In Southern Germany –  Follow along on our photo tour filled with travel tips as we discover the most Southern part of Germany. During our summer visit to Germany we wanted to make a trip south to the Bavarian Alps. Nick and I…

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5 ideas for your small business blog

Topic Ideas For Small Business Blogs – Finding new topic ideas for your small business blog can be very frustrating. It doesn’t take a long time to come to realize that writing articles to promote your small business can turn into hard work. To make your blog…

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