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Glazed Lemon Cake Made From Scratch

Lemon cake featuring lemon juice, lemon zest and greek-style yogurt. Yum! Warning! This is not a one-bowl type of glazed lemon ...

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Top 10 Cities To Visit in 2016

There's never a bad time to start planning your next vacation trip. Researching your upcoming travel destinations is important. Some destinations are ...

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Bluetooth Selfie Stick Review & Best Uses

A Selfie Stick is an inexpensive accessory you can use for more than just taking selfies. I never thought I would ...

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15 Coffee Break Quotes

We welcome the new year with 16 magnificent quotes and memes about our favorite drink - Coffee! The love-hate relationship we have been having ...

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Music Non Stop With Bose SoundTouch 10 Wireless Music System

Moving throughout your house and hearing the same song in every room? Don't worry, it's not in your head its ...

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Enjoy Our Blog. We try out all the products we review and have traveled to the places we write about. The recipes we feature, and the many cups of coffee we drink during the day, have been prepared in our own kitchen.

Jager Foods Shiitake Soups, the company, was first created in 1985 by Nick’s parents on their farm in Minnesota. At one time they had four local ladies and Grandma helping in the soup kitchen, mixing the ingredients and packaging the soups. The soup business was very good for a while. You could find the four distinct flavors of Jager Foods soups in local grocery stores, and specialty stores as well as gift shops all over the country. Sadly, Shiitake mushrooms grew out of favor in the mid-90’s and sales declined dramatically, forcing them to close the soup kitchen.

We created a website and tried our hands at reviving the soup business a few years back. Trying to sell the Jager Foods soup mixes, we found out very quickly that we were much better suited for writing articles filled with tips, ideas and life experiences.

Today we share our favorite recipes, write about our frequent travels, review products and restaurants, provide DIY tips and try to entertain our readers as best we can. This food and travel blog is also a way for us to share life with our families that are spread across the US and Europe.

Thank you for visiting… and don’t be a stranger now.

Best wishes,

Nick and Silke Jager

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Backyard Bird Feeder


Yellow Beaks Bird Feeder

If you love bird watching, then this see through window bird feeder from Yellow Beaks is perfect for you.

The desk in my home office is right next to a window overlooking the tiny backyard of our town home in South Carolina. Since I spend a lot of time sitting at my desk every day, I find…

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You can choose from a dozen Delicious Dinner Recipes from Italian Style Pork Chops to Easy Spinach Quiche! We love to cook and we think it shows in these fun videos. Step by step cooking instructions that are easy to follow and fun to make at home.


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