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Bold Changes, Steady Success! Change isn’t always fun… but it can turn out fantastic. It can make room for true progress. It can set your life off in a new, improved direction. Follow along as we share our travel, lifestyle & care taking experiences on Our Blog.

We share interesting articles, try out the products we review, travel to the places we write about and our easy recipes have been prepared by us. Scroll down to read our latest blog posts and learn more about the services we offer. Enjoy your time reading our blog and please leave us a comment if you like. We love to hear from you!

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8 Travel Items You Must Bring Next Time
8 Travel Items You Must Bring – If you’ve traveled at least once, you probably know the feeling that you’ve forgotten something at home. We’ve all been there, and that’s why we and our friends at Skyscanner, came up with a list of must have items…

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What Is The The Difference In Kitchen Cutlery Sets? Find Out.

The Many Factors Of Kitchen Cutlery Sets – Find out which kitchen cutlery set is best for you. Have you ever wondered why there are so many Kitchen Cutlery Sets with such a wide range of pricing, when all you want to know is how well the knives…

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Discovering downtown Prague in the Czech Republic

Discovering Downtown Prague – Follow along on our photo tour filled with travel tips of downtown Prague in the Czech Republic. During our summer vacation in Germany we have been able to visit the Southern Bavarian area, the seaport town…

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Learn more these 5 common business mistakes

Business Owners Can Learn From These Mistakes –  Learn about 5 common small business mistakes and how to avoid them. The journey to grow your business is usually pretty rocky and there are things that you can only learn from experience. Some of these…

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